Secure Your Meds


  • protect your family
  • convenient & easy to use
  • affordable for every home 
  • provides peace of mind
  • keep prescription drugs from falling into the wrong hands
  • secures up to eight standard bottles
  • accommodates taller liquid bottles too  


New Design Released! Now Accepts Larger Pill Bottles


The Problem:

  • abuse of prescription drugs is at an epidemic level
  • unintentional overdoses of infants and toddlers stumbling upon unsecured medications
  • teens, housekeepers, contractors, hotel maids, or visitors potentially searching your medicine cabinets - looking for something to "get high" on
  • pharmaceutical drugs or narcotics can be stolen from a patient’s room in nursing homes or long term health care facilities
  • unsecured Rx drugs around infants and toddlers are as lethal as a loaded weapon
  • would you know if some of your pills went missing? 

If you have controlled substances / prescription pharmaceutical drugs in your home, you need to secure them in a medicine lock box.

The Solution: 
Pill Pod™ - Medication Lock Box

  • "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" - lock up your Rx medications in a prescription drug lock box
  • an affordable security Rx lock box solution for use in every home
  • easy, convenient access to the right person while restricting others 
  • like a padlock, Pill Pod combination locking container comes preset with a 4 digit combo
  • no set up required , simple and easy to use 
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Endorsed by:
Marin County
Pharmacists Association
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